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How do I print up to the edge of the page with a B6200/B6300?


Printing to the edge of the page with a B6200/B6300 can be achieved by using a custom paper size.

Example: Printing to the edge of an A5 page in landscape mode without using driver settings
Choose a tray in which the A5 sheets will be loaded (portrait orientation).

In the printer web page (or operator panel), 'Printer Config -> PCL -> Paper Tray' menu, designate the tray chosen in Step 1.
Output size = A5 and Orientation = Landscape.

In the printer operator panel, 'Admin -> Printer Settings -> Paper Size' menu, find the tray selected in Step 1 and set its size parameters to
Custom: Portrait (Y) = 210mm and Landscape (X) = 178mm.

Note1: The B6100 menu has a "Full Bleed" setting that allowed printing without margins vertically or horizontally. The B6300 has the same menu setting but it has no effect on the vertical margin.

Note2: The purpose of the 'Full Bleed' switch on the B6100, B6200 and B6300 is to emulate the 'A4 Wide' format as used in older generation HP line printers. This function was intended primarily for the Japanese domestic markets.

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