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Changing the toner cartridge


Your C5000 printer uses 4 colour toners (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) to create the colour image on the page.

These toners are easy to replace when requiredWhen the toner is running low, *** TONER LOW is displayed in the control panel (*** is the colour name). If printing continues without replacing the toner cartridge, CHANGE *** TONER is displayed and printing is cancelled. Depending on the operating environment, print may become feint before this message is displayed. At this stage, remove the toner cartridge and check whether it is empty; if so, the toner cartridge needs to be replaced. Cartridge life is approximately 5,000 A4 pages at 5% print density with high capacity toners or 3,000 A4 pages with standard capacity toners. 1. Press the cover release and open the printer's top cover fully.


If the printer has been powered on, the fuser may be hot. This area is

clearly labelled. Do not touch.2. Note the positions of the four cartridges.

1. Cyan cartridge

2. Magenta cartridge

3. Yellow cartridge

4. Black cartridge3. Pull the coloured toner release lever (1) on the cartridge to be replaced fully towards the front of the printer.

4. Lift the right-hand end of the cartridge and then draw the cartridge to the right to release the left-hand end as shown, and withdraw the toner cartridge out of the printer.

5. Put the cartridge down gently onto a piece of paper to prevent toner from marking your furniture and to avoid damaging the green drum surface.6. Remove the new cartridge from its box but leave its wrapping material in place for the moment.


The green image drum surface at the base of the cartridge is very delicate and light sensitive. Do not touch it and do not expose it to normal room light for more than 5 minutes. If the drum unit needs to be out of the printer for longer than this, please wrap the cartridge inside a black plastic bag to keep it away from light. Never expose the drum to direct sunlight or very bright room lighting.7. Gently shake the new cartridge from end to end several times to loosen and distribute the toner evenly inside the cartridge.

8. Remove the wrapping material and peel off the adhesive tape from the underside of the cartridge.

9. Holding the cartridge by its top centre with the coloured lever to the right, lower it into the printer over the image drum unit from which the old cartridge was removed.10. Insert the left end of the cartridge into the top of the image drum unit first, pushing it against the spring on the drum unit, then lower the right end of the cartridge down onto the image drum unit.

11. Pressing gently down on the cartridge to ensure that it is firmly seated, push the coloured lever (1) towards the rear of the printer. This will lock the cartridge into place and release toner into the image drum unit.

12. Finally, close the top cover and press down firmly at both sides so that the cover latches closed.

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