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How can I configure the printers permanent IP address?


There are several ways to configure a permanent IP address for the printer as detailed below:-

1. Using the printers operator panel using the menu function

2. Using the management utilities supplied with the printer

3. Dynamically assigned via DHCP or BOOTP or RARP

4. The 7100e+/7200e/7300e/8100e allow the IP address to be set using NetBEUI which is described in the following:

Configuring the IP address via NETBEUI

1. Using "Network Neighbourhood" or "My Network Places" on a Windows PC, select "Entire Network" and you will find a workgroup called "Printserver".

2. Double click on that workgroup and you will find a list of printers.

3. If the NetBEUI name has not been assigned to the printer, the default name is either ML****** or OL******, where ****** is the last six digits of the Ethernet Address.

4. Once you have selected the correct printer, double click on setup and then open Config.ini.

Config.ini contains the following information:

Workgroup name = Printserver
IP address =

5. Edit the IP address and then save the file. A file called WebSetup is automatically created which if you open will launch your web browser allowing further configuration.

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