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How to print business cards


With the C5550MFP, you can print on a range of media types, including business cards. In tandem with Template Manager 2006, a free software program from OKI Printing Solutions, you can print business cards in-house when you require them and the number you want, saving costs on outsourcing.

1) Open Template Manager 2006

2) Click on 'Create a new document'.

3) Select either a media to implement your own design, or use one of the many templates provided from OKI Printing Solutions. (We have opted for a pre-designed template that can be personalised to suit your needs)

4) If you opt to choose a template from the wide range available, go to the 'Design Templates' folder, select 'Business cards' and then choose the media you would like from the list below.

5) If you opt to use an existing template, add your own information to personalise it to your business. (Please note, you can find out more about using Template Manager 2006 by clicking the link at the bottom of this article)

6) Once you are happy with the design of your business cards, you can proceed to printing it.

A unique feature of Template Manager 2006 is that you will not have to alter any print settings, it detects media types automatically. So printing on the C5550 MFP is even simpler.

7) To print, you will have to use the Multi-purpose tray on your C5550 MFP. Simply open the front tray and place your A4 business cards sheet, face down, using the guides.

8) Back at your PC, go to 'File' and choose 'Print'. Ensure the correct product is selected. Click 'Print' to proceed to print.

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